Our Appto team is passionate in building leading communication technology product and service and customer satisfaction is our goal . Through our past work and experience , we knew there was an immense need for a better way for communication between all stakeholders. Precise and timely communication can improve the businesses tremendously.Misunderstandings cost time and money, and in the worst cases cause errors that jeopardize the businesses. As a team we wanted to combine our experience and talents to create a tool/product that could reduce errors, increase productivity, improve outcomes, and strengthen customer(patient) and provider relationships.So we built Appto. A powerful mobile app that helps harness connections, turning everyday communications into actionable steps toward better customer care, and increased satisfaction while saving time and resources for the businesses. Appto helps the businesses like healthcare, Legal, Financial services, any Retail to reach, engage, and track their consumers through our innovative platform.Whatever you need to communicate, Appto can help.

“Say it right.Say it smart. Appto!”

Deepti Deepak,

Founder and Chief Executive Office ,

Deepti Deepak, founded Appto in the year 2015. She has been working with various healthcare, Legal and retail Businesses in US and also in India to enrich their communication system. Deepti possesses 20+ years of extensive experience in management and development of products with Telecom companies like Motorola and various private and public healthcare companies. She holds a Masters degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Deepak Vittal,

Co Founder,

Founder Deepak, an MBA from ASU and a computer science engineer with 19+ years of software development and analytics experience for various industries such as Pharma, Retail and Banking. Deepak has worked for a leading BI vendor in various capacities.

Sumathi Vatsamanu ,

Co Founder,

Sumathi Vatsamanu is a business leader and possesses strong business and technical skills. She plays a key role in enabling the company’s strategic growth and She is passionate about quality service delivery . She has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. She has worked both in India and in USA and has extensive knowledge in both Government and Commercial sectors.

Ramansa ,


Ramansa is the marketing and sales director at Appto and has been with Appto since the inception of the company.He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree. He is a key resource who is driven and committed to deliver customer satisfaction.

Satish ,


Satish is the chief technical architect at APPTO and has been with APPTO since the inception of the company. He has a Bachelors degree in computer science from Hubli college and is a key resource who is responsible for APPTO to use the state of the art technology.