Customer Communication For Businesses Made Simple

  • Manage Patient and Staff Communication.

    Retain more patients, improve staff reliability & increase patient satisfaction.

  • Branded Mobile App.

    Access and manage all communications on a easy-to-use mobile interface,customized to your practice or hospital.

  • Market Your Business.

    Create tailored promotions to help grow patient volume.

  • Everything In One Place.

    Integrate Appto with your calendar, EMR, email, website, social assets, and much, much more.

  • No New Hardware.

    Use your existing phone or device. Appto is secure, and HIPAA compliant.

  • Adherence to HIPAA Compliancy

Cloud phone system Features

Manage Patient Initiated Communication

  • Automatically connect to available office staff.
  • Respond to patient calls from anywhere.
  • Automate call transfer and routing.
  • Integrate patient communication, tracking, and analytics.

Manage Office Staff Communication

  • Universal outgoing practice number from office phones or mobile devices, creating continuity and maintaining provider anonymity.
  • Handle non-clinical matters with preset texting and automated phone responses.
  • Manage after hours calls and provider on-call routing.
  • Create automated patient appointment reminders.

How it works

  • You will be assigned new Business Numbers of your choice
  • The Business phone number is also called as the Virtual Phone Number.
  • Forward your existing phone numbers to the virtual phone numbers through your telephone service provider
  • Form a group by adding more employee phone numbers or department phone numbers to manage patient communication
  • Create a customized(voice/or text) phone menu for frequently asked patient questions
  • Start receiving calls from anywhere and patient can get connected to any available office staff as required


  • No more call waiting for patients
  • Identify patients, their location and call patterns.
  • Connect to patients with ease; conduct business from anywhere
  • Help administrative staff be more productive with lower call volume
  • Integrate patient calls into existing EMR or use Appto as a lightweight electronic health record.

Appointment & staff scheduling Features

Manage Patient Initiated Communications

  • Automatically connect available staff.
  • Securely send/receive communications and images.
  • See patient request or reason for call before answering.
  • Convert patient contacts into analytics to improve processes.

Manage Staff Response to Patient Communication

  • Automatically send customized appointment reminders.
  • Respond quickly to patient communications.
  • Create customize automated responses to frequent requests or questions.
  • Manage after-hour patient calls.

Managing Office staff responses to the patients

  • Manage automated patient appointment reminders
  • Ability to respond to patient queries from anywhere
  • Customize automated responses to queries
  • Manage before/after office hours patient calls

How it works

  • Create or customize Branded Mobile App with business Icons and Logo
  • Provide Secure access to the Mobile App via individual patient account
  • Generate Private key for each patient to enable encrypted file, image or message transfer
  • Patients can securely communicate with the office staff by downloading the app (Patients need Android or iPhone).
  • Start engaging and supporting your patients


  • Increase patient engagement with portal.
  • Reduce staff time dedicated to patient communication.
  • Engage and support your patients easily with targeted information and appointment reminders.
  • Use Appto as a lightweight or basic EMR for patient records.
  • Secure patient access to the portal.
  • Encrypted transfer of data and files between patients and office.
  • Manage data upon loss of patient or staff via app.
  • Maintain a professional, branded look for the practice while increasing capabilities and patient satisfies.
  • Get More patients through Appto Referral App.
  • Convenient (secure) exchange of patient/clinical information.
  • Automated appointment setup for referred patients.
  • Automated appointment reminder for referred patients.
  • Lowers clinic/center overhead costs.
  • Easily track referrals from different doctors.
  • Grow your local network through Appto.

Promo – Appto Features

Promotion, Broadcasting & Campaigns

  • Broadcast office promotions or information via app messages, texts or calls.
  • Promote to targeted patients based on key analytics and patient tracking.
  • Manage after hour patient calls or communication.

How it works

  • Broadcast office promotions or information via app messages, texts or calls
  • Broadcast to targeted patients
  • Manage before/after office hours patient calls


  • Retain patients through engagement and prompt communication.
  • Create new visits and repeat patients with targeted campaigns.
  • Reduce mass campaign cost with in-app messaging.